Q: What is All Indie?

A: All Indie is a company formed to provide services and resources catered to the needs of independent artists and labels. Our vision is to serve as a catalyst for artists and labels in various stages of development in their independent careers. We are opening up opportunities to independent artists that have never been available before. Our goal is to discover, nurture and expose new talent and to make the works of our clients available in all applicable media to music consumers worldwide.

Q: Why are you doing this?

A: We want to give artists the ability to make their music available to fans worldwide. At the same time, artists can keep the rights to the music they create, and collect a greater share of the profits from the sales of their music. We are disturbed by the standards of traditional recording contracts, which take rights and profits away from artists, who are the lifeblood of this industry. We are encouraged by recent developments that have empowered independent artists and opened many new windows of opportunity for them. All Indie's mission is to seek out creative ways to maximize these opportunities and partner with our clients to ensure that they benefit and profit from them directly.

Q: What is the All Indie Catalog?

A: The All Indie Catalog is a collective of all the recorded material from the artists with whom we work.

Q: How much do I receive for the sales of my music?

A: You will receive 70% of all proceeds from the sale of your music through the All Indie Catalog, regardless of the format (CD, online, etc.). We will seek out every opportunity to expose your music--it is in our best interests as well as yours to do so.

Q: Does everyone who applies get accepted for inclusion in the All Indie catalog?

A: No. All Indie receives hundreds of submissions each week from artists and labels. Because we maintain extremely high standards in terms of how we treat our clients, we must limit our roster. We consider each submission carefully based on criteria such as sound quality, song quality, track record and marketability, based on our extensive experience in the music industry.

Q: What genres of music do you distribute?

A: Any and all types. We are interested in music from all over the world.

Q: Do you make my music available for free?

A: Thatís up to you. Our goal is to expose the music in the All Indie catalog in as many ways and to as many people as possible. If you want to offer songs for free download as a way to greater expose your music, we will certianly seek out the best opportunities for you.

Q: Do I need a barcode for my CD?

A: Barcodes are symbols used to track inventory of music in record stores and in distributor and one-stop warehouses. Barcodes are also used to track music sales in the United States through Soundscan, a company that compiles data from sales of music nationwide. All products in the All Indie Catalog must have barcodes. We can help you with this process. If you already have a barcode number from another source, you may use your own number.

Q: Can you help me list my album in Soundscan?

A: Yes, we will submit the titles in the All Indie Catalog to Soundscan, so that retail sales of our music in the US can be reported and recorded.

Q: What is digital distribution?

A: The expression "digital distribution" is often used to describe the offering of music in digital formats online, such as MP3. CDs are also digital. The Internet and digital formats have opened up a wealth of new opportunities for artists and labels. For example, songs can now be offered to a global audience relatively inexpensively through online downloads, and it is now much easier to offer fans custom CDs. All Indie constantly seeks out creative and innovative uses for new technologies and formats to maximize exposure for our clients.