How All Indie Works:

*All Indie is an artist development company. All Indie's strategy utilizes three key elements :

* Distribution - making music available
* Promotion - exposing music to consumers
* Marketing - creating demand for music in the marketplace

At All Indie we believe artists should have the right to maintain ownership and control of their music and their careers. All Indie enables artists to record, release, market and promote their own recordings through traditional and new media vehicles without giving away all of their rights and profits to a record label.

Advantages for Artists Working Together With All Indie:

All Indie will work with you to effectively promote your music both on and off the Internet.
* You maintain ownership of your recordings.
* We pay you 70% of the net proceeds from the sales of your music.
* Our agreement is non-exclusive.
* We will tailor brick and mortar (record stores) distribution to your specific needs in addition to distributing to stores throughout the Internet.
* You will have traditional music industry services at your disposal (radio promotion, retail promotion, publicity).
* We are flexible and will cater any of our services specifically to touring, radio airplay, press exposure, etc. For example, if your tour stops in Memphis, we can canvas the market with radio, retail and publicity. Or, if you are receiving radio airplay in Jacksonville we will work to maximize that exposure by focusing on retail and press in that market.
* We will utilize our relationships with web based companies to maximize your exposure online.
* We have partnered with many of the top online music sites, including: Listen.com, Liquid Audio, Mjuice and more. Through these partners, we supply music to more than 800 affiliate websites.